Good Written English charges for editing by the hour rather than having a standard page rate, as we feel that this is much better value for the customer. One hour's work usually corresponds to between five and eight A4 pages of 1.5-spaced 12 pt. text. For this we charge 800 SEK excluding any VAT that may apply (see below). OANDA's currency converter will give you an up-to-date idea of this price in your own currency.

We can give you a price quotation for the cost of any editing work if you send us a sample via our file submission form, or by e-mail. Please state clearly that it is being sent as a text sample, and let us know the size of the whole document. GWE offers reduced rates for large documents.

A bill will be sent to you after the work has been completed to your satisfaction. On it, you will find our Swedish bankgiro number for payment. If you are outside Sweden, after-payment using credit cards can be done through PayPal. You can also pay by electronic transfer of funds or by certified cheque. Good Written English is not responsible for any extra charges that your bank may make when you use these other options.

Those in European Union countries must pay value-added tax but you can avoid this if you can quote a valid VAT number for your organization. (Customers in Sweden cannot avoid paying this tax).


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